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Worm Bins

  • 1-Compost Area
  • 2-Vermicomposting sign
  • 3-Worm Bin
  • 4-Worm Bins
  • 4-Worm Composting Sign
  • 5-Working Side of Bin-b
  • 6-Screen Divider1b
  • 7-R wrigglers
  • 8-Castings-b
  • 9-Cartridge with castings-b
  • 10-Compost Tea-Cartridge2
  • 11-Compost Tea-Filling the Jugs
  • 12-can-o-worms
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Worm bins with lively “red wriggler” (Eisenia fetida) populations transform kitchen scraps, shredded paper, leaves, etc. into rich castings. In the spring, castings are brewed into compost tea, giving our nursery stock an organic boost for the annual spring plant sale!

Worm Bin Composting 101 Presentation [PDF]