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Enter the Herb Garden through the swinging doors of a graceful wood arbor, and immediately you are invited to explore using all four senses. Fennel, garlic, rosemary, chives and curry will tickle the taste buds. Inhale deeply after crushing rosemary and oregano leaves between your fingers. Walk on the beautiful Thyme Patio, stirring up whiffs of lemon thyme to soothe the senses. Thyme can be planted as an alternative to turf grass - one can still walk upon it, but mowing chores could become a thing of the past.

Here, a great variety of herbal plants are displayed to illustrate how the gardener can incorporate herbs in everyday landscapes. Another herb bed demonstrates how to plant a garden at home to provide herbs for cooking, even with limited space. There are many different varieties of garden herbs to be found in this garden. There is one area solely for cooking herbs and another that has all types of aromatic herbs. Also found is a planter box that contains several varieties of mint, and quite a few types of medicinal herbs are scattered throughout as well. Herb gardens are a natural attractant to all sorts of beneficial pollinator insects.

The best time of year to visit the Herb Garden is summer, when plants are blooming and giving off their best fragrance.

In the year 2000, the Herb Garden was the first in the Discovery Garden to break ground. Started by Master Gardener Janice Bunyard with help from her family, she was later joined by George McIntyre and then Lori Salars. Presently the garden is managed by Master Gardeners Bill Utter and Viviane Pulis.