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Innovation and One Chapter’s Search for Excellence

Welcome if you were invited to this site at the 2013 International Master Gardener Conference‘s cruise to Alaska you are in the right place. If you just stumbled in here by accident you might also be in the right place so whoever you are and why ever you are here, take a few minutes to read through the material.

Douglas County Oregon could be the poster child for rural living. While we do have a few towns, Roseburg being the largest, most of the county is rural. The county has always been agrarian in nature and in the early years was known for its ready supply of fruit crops that were exported throughout the country. As other parts of the country discovered they could grow plums and save on the shipping they opted for their locally grown and not quite so tasty plums and the fresh fruit business declined. The forestry industry also provided many jobs and supported the county for years but as government regulations grew tighter the jobs did too and Douglas County started to lead the state in unemployment. In an attempt to provide jobs and create a robust economy local entrepreneurs started to establish vineyards in the rich and fertile soils that for years had supported the plum industry. We now grow some of the best grapes in the world and our local wines are bringing in the winning medals in wine competition. Whether you are coming to Oregon for the 2017 IMGC conference or for another reason we hope that you will take the time to come down our way and enjoy our wines and local hospitality.

Being a rural community we have had to learn to not only make do with what we have but also to excel. It was only natural that when we submitted our entry for the Oregon Search for Excellence completion in 2012 that we would pick the area of Innovation. We had fun developing the project and then putting it on paper for the competition. We hope if you decide you want to copy it that you will have fun adopting it to your chapter.

So sit back, relax and read. We have included copies of our paperwork trail for plant clinic development, a history of how it came about and some information on the 2017 Portland IMGC. We are serious about your coming back to visit us. If you have any further questions, you obviously know how to reach us. And just in case you have forgotten it is Judy Mercer ( or Larry Sutton (

Introductory Presentation [PDF]

Plant Clinic Training and Orientation [PDF]

Plant Clinic Training Checklist [PDF]

Plant Clinic Office Protocol [PDF]

Plant Clinic Office Checklist [PDF]