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Growing Oregon Gardeners
This monthly zoom series kicks off in January 2021, offering education for the experienced gardener led by OSU horticulture experts from across the state. Take your gardening knowledge to the next level with timely topics from gardening in a changing climate to techniques to extend your season.
Planned Schedule
January 12: Understanding Seed Characteristics
February 9: Multifunctional Hedgerows
March 9: Dirt gone bad: When your soil amendment has been contaminated
April 13: Dazzling Dahlias
May 11: Water-wise Gardening
June 8: Unique Winter Vegetables to Grow
July 13: Fire-wise Landscaping
August 10: Season Extension Techniques
September 14: Gardening with Native Plants for Pollinators
October 12: Adapting Your Garden and Landscape for Climate Change
November 9: Using Life Cycle Analysis to Understand the Sustainability of Your Garden Products and Practices
Locally Produced Zoom Sessions
Growing Tree Fruits for the Home Garden   Zoom   Handout
Pruning Grapevines, Cover Crops   Zoom   Handout 1   Handout 2
Soil and Plant Nutrition [Recording not available]   Handout 1   Handout 2
Pesticide Safety   Zoom   Handout
Vegetable Production [Recording not available]   Handout 1   Handout 2
Berry Crops   Zoom   Handout 1   Handout 2   Handout 3
Weed Management   Zoom   Handout
Turf Management   Zoom   Handout
Xeriscaping   Zoom   Handout
Integrated Pest Management   Zoom   Handout
PDFs - Various Subjects
Botany I
Botany II
Care of Urban Trees
Climate and Weather of Douglas County
Cover Crops
Integrated Pest Management
Mole and Gopher Identification
Pesticide Safety
Plant Identification
Pruning Trees, Shrubs and Vines
Seed Saving
Tree Fruit
Vegetable Gardening
Vegetative Propagation
Vertebrate Pest Management
Weed Management
Web Soil Survey