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Just to the west of the Pavilion lies the beautiful Butterfly Garden. Here are found a cornucopia of vibrant colors and scented blooms meant to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, pollinators and other beneficial insects. Stroll through the scented honeysuckle arch and view the different plantings of lilies, Bachelor’s Button, foxglove, snapdragon, petunias, spirea, rudbeckia, succulants, gallardia, cannas, columbine, butterfly bush, lilies and asters.

The Butterfly Garden had its inception in 2001 by Chairperson Philece Humphrey, LaVerne Bailey, Patti Kowalski, Marianne Major, Barbara MacPherson, Kathy Brown, and Elaine Moriarty.

The butterfly log house was constructed by Philece Humphrey and allows dark, cool places for butterflies to rest. Whimsical metal sculptures, crafted and donated by Bill Townsend, gambol between the flowers.

July and August is the most delightful time to visit the garden when all the flowers are at their stunning best.