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  • 1-Compost Area
  • 2-Why Compost
  • 3-Why Compost
  • 4-Compost Basics
  • 5-Vermicomposting Area
  • 6-One bin
  • 7-One bin2
  • 8-Tumblers
  • 9-Mid section
  • 10-Compost screening
  • 11-two and three bin
  • 12-Retail Bins
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Just south of the pavilion lies the Composting Area where rich and fertile soil amendments are produced for the garden’s raised beds and nursery stock. Read about composting, vermicomposting and biochar. Compare methods of composting and look over equipment — tumblers, multi-bin enclosures, single bins like the black plastic “Darth Vader” (a.k.a. Earth Machine™) composter and others. Drop by Tuesday mornings if you have questions or want to learn more.

Composting 101 [PDF]

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