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Documents and Forms

2018 Conditions of Volunteer Service [PDF]

2018 Position Desc/Code of Conduct [PDF]

Photo Opt Out Release [PDF]

Current Budget (2017) [PDF]

Policies and Procedures (Revised March 2017) [PDF]

Chapter Bylaws (Revised March 2017) [PDF]

Volunteer Time Reporting

2017 Timefile by MG [PDF] Updated 12/8/2017

2017 Recertification Status [PDF] Updated 12/8/2017

2016 Timefile by MG (Final) [PDF] Updated 2/19/2017

2015 Timefile by MG (Final) [PDF]

Volunteer Hours Historical Summary [PDF]

Timesheet How To [PDF] New!

Timesheet [PDF] Updated 1/29/2017

Timesheet (back side) Code Descriptions [PDF]

Payback Hours [PDF]

Recertification Equivalencies [PDF] New!

Recertification Guidelines [PDF]

Financial Forms & Information

Expenditure Authorization Form [PDF][Word]

Expenditure Authorization Form - How To Complete [PDF]

Income Form [PDF][Word]

Unfunded Budget Request Form [PDF][Word]

Annual Audit Reports

   2010 [PDF] 2011 [PDF] 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]

   2015 [PDF] 2016 [PDF] 2017 [PDF]

Plant Clinic Information

Clinic Office Protocols [PDF]

Clinic Opening and Closing Checklist [PDF]

Clinic Trainers Guide [PDF]

Clinic Training Checklist [PDF]

Clinic Contact List (useful community resources) [PDF]

Library Books (organized by subject) [PDF][Excel]
Historical & Organizational Documents

Chapter Articles of Association [PDF]

IRS Determination - County Chapters [PDF]

OMGA Articles of Incorporation [PDF]

IRS Determination - OMGA [PDF]

Other Documents

Compost Tea [PDF]